Duct Cleaning

Why do you need this?

Over time dust, pet hair, fibers, pollens and various other airborne irritants accumulate in the furnace and throughout the duct system. Most of these particles pass through the air filter(s), hiding in the air duct system and air handling equipment. This build-up can reduce airflow up to 50%. The air ducts are breeding areas for bacteria and molds that cause many people to suffer from allergies or respiratory stress. This can also be a source of musty, stale odors. We recommend a vacuum duct/vent cleaning for improved air quality, allergy relief and a cleaner living area.

How are the ducts cleaned?

Annonson’s Air Broom practices source removal. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend this method.

There are several different types of vacuums that we choose from, depending on what best fits your space. All vacuums are equally efficient.

HEPA filtered portable vacuums are carried directly to your furnace. Gas portable vacuums are used for narrow spaces in your home.

Vacuum trucks are recommended for upper floor and attic level furnaces. We already have the equipment needed to reach high places or multi-level dwellings. Our technicians are ANSIā€certified lift operator on boom and scissor lifts.

Truck mounted vacuums are the traditional method. The hose is attached directly to the truck and is threaded throughout the home and into your air ducts.

We then go around and cover or close all the registers in the home/business. This ensures that there is no dust released during the cleaning process.

Next we engage our vacuum system running at the minimum of 2500 cfm; the vacuum system creates a negative pressure and suction in the ductwork. This begins to pull out all debris and deposits the debris directly into our vacuum.

We then go to one register at a time and remove it. The larger pieces of debris such as construction materials are removed first. Then the smaller debris is forced into the main trunk line using 200 psi. of forced air from the truck mounted compressor. This process flushes each vent.

Next we clean out the main trunk line. A high-pressure line with a Viper Air Snake agitator at the end is fed through the main trunk line. The air pressure and the attachments force the remaining dust and debris back into the vacuum.

Then the furnace is thoroughly cleaned. This cleaning includes the air conditioner coil, A/C drain pan, drain tube, burners, flue pipe, heat exchanger, force draft motor, pilot assembly, blower motor and fan blades. If needed the motors are oiled. A complimentary check of all belts and carbon monoxide test is completed, and a detailed furnace inspection sheet is provided.

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